Cambro is a learning- and collaboration system which is available to instructors, students, researchers and other employees at Umeå University. The system is reached by using a web browser and is meant to help collaboration between users.

In Cambro there is at a set of features which can be chosen according to the site owner's preferences, depending what the goals of the site are. Some of them are mentioned below (you can read more about these under "Help"). The latest updates and contents of these are announced here.

At your personal, private space, "My Workspace", the following tools are available:

HomeView recent announcements and a summary of the calendar
AnnouncementsView current, time-critical information from course and project sites where you are a member
MembershipChoose sites in which you would like to participate
PreferencesSet your personal preferences, such as notifications, time zone, tab order and language
ProfileLet users add and make public personal information, including a picture
ResourcesAdd documents and URLs to your worksite
ScheduleKeep track of important dates and deadlines from course and project site calendars
Worksite SetupCreate and manage sites
HelpAccess the help documentation

On course and project sites, the following tools are available:

HomeView recent announcements, messages, discussions, and chat activity and a summary of the calendar
AnnouncementsPost and view current, time-critical information
AssignmentsPost and take assignments and receive submissions online
Chat RoomParticipate in real-time, written conversations
Drop BoxAllow private file-sharing between instructors and students
Email ArchiveMaintain an archive of all email sent to the worksite's email list
Evaluation systemCreate and distribute course evaluation websurveys.
ForumsTo post and read threaded discussions
GradebookTo store and display grades from for example 'Test och quiz'
MessagesTo send and receive private messages
NewsDisplay an RSS feed from an external site
QnAAllows members to interact by privately or publicly asking questions and receiving answers.
ResourcesAdd and distribute documents and URLs to your course and project site
RosterView list of site participants
ScheduleKeep track of important dates and deadlines on worksite calendar
Section InfoManage sections or groups within a site
Site InfoView worksite profile and participants list
SyllabusCreate a worksite syllabus
Test & QuizzesMake and take on-line tests that can be automatically corrected
Web ContentInclude external website content in your worksite
WikiCollaboratively edit simple web pages
HelpAccess the help documentation

Cambro is based on Sakai, an open source project, goverened by a foundation that can be found at www.sakaiproject.org.